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Hi Folks-

7/5/2020 Update: 

We are now through our 11th week of the curbside popcorn-to-go. We'd like to thank everyone who has come down to participate. We really appreciate it. We are planning on continuing with the P-T-G every Saturday from 2-6pm until we reopen. We look forward to your continued support.


Our Facebook page!

We’re still dealing with a Facebook posting issue. It’s been 2 months now and honestly, their “help” is far from it. But, we’re still trying to get it fixed.



Phase 3 begins this Monday, July 6th. Though indoor movie theaters can reopen then, there are still some hurdles we must clear before we can/will reopen. Our target, realistically, is the latter part of the month. The guidelines just came out and some are not so clear. We will have to look into all of this as well as obtain the needed items to keep everyone safe and comply. We will be posting more on this soon.  


P-T-G additional info!

We will have the popper going each Saturday from 2pm – 6pm. We take the orders at the front door and deliver them to your car. Sodas and candy are be available too.

To see a video of how it all works, click this link... How to proceed, order and pay.

There are plenty of grassy spots to enjoy your popcorn along the parking lot all while maintaining a good social distance.

We hope to see you Saturday-

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